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Bright consultants is a people place. It is reflected in the work we do - employee background screening. It shows in how we work – we don’t stand on ceremony or formality. The Bright consultants working style is collaborative, friendly and direct.

We encourage and reward excellence and inventive thinking. We say ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ regularly, face to face and publicly. Every one of our employees is our greatest asset. They are partners and critical to our success so we are big on appreciation. It is our culture that drives performance and the reason we are successful.

It is our employees that keep our culture meaningful and energized. We share a common passion for great quality and accurate delivery. We complement each other.

HR Philosophy

At Bright consultants we are successful because we have sought out and found the right talent to service clients and achieve our business goals. We have great working conditions and, have invested in, resources that ensure people can work comfortably.

We recognize, appreciate and reward individual and team achievements. Our philosophy has helped employees realize their potential and fostered a high level of performance.

Learning and Development

We, at Bright consultants, believe that everyone has potential. To help fulfill that potential we continually build and carry out a range of training programmes. We are committed to being a learning company. This ensures that the competence levels of employees are constantly improving.

The emphasis is for employees to achieve their goals, while the company is able to meet the emerging challenges of the business world.

We care about people, their needs, continuous development and the full attainment of their potential.

Bright consultants Expectations

In order to sustain the company’s direction and achieve our common goals the company expects that employees be sensitive to the fact that they are the key differentiators in our industry. We therefore require that employees:

  • Focus on the customer and ensure their satisfaction
  • Honour all commitments
  • Maintain work schedules – arrive on time
  • Deal with colleagues and customers with dignity, fairness and respect
  • Display a high standard of quality at work
  • Be proactive
  • Innovate and improve
  • Devote all efforts to the job during working time
  • Collaborate, cooperate and be team players
  • Maintain integrity and clean business ethics
  • Display energy and enthusiasm

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