Employee Background Check


Candidates can be screened pre-hire, pre-offer, pre-joining, post-offer or post-joining. Pre-employment background screening and of conducting background check throughout individuals' employment tenure cannot be turned a blind eye. Risk of hiring and on-boarding employees with fudged education certificates, tampered salary slips are self-evident. on-boarding employees who indulge in substance abuse or have a criminal history, or fall in bad books of colleagues and reporting managers. Experts of the industry vouch that outsourcing these processes to background verification companies.

Employee Background Verification Services comprises of the following checks.

  • CV Validation
  • Employment Verification
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Education Verification
  • Address Verification
  • Indian Criminal Record Verification
  • Indian Court Record Check
  • Indian Regulatory Authorities Database Check
  • Indian Credit and Integrity Risk Database Check
  • Global Regulatory, Compliance and Criminal Database Check
  • Indian National Identity Check

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